Notable Styles and More 2020 Report!

Hello, my name is Nicole and if you are a returning visitor you may know that I am the creator and chief editor of this platform. If you are a new visitor welcome. Notable Styles and More is fashion, style, tech and progress outlet that thrives on featuring the "notable". This post is a summary of 2020 and a lite agenda of my intentions for 2021.

In 2020, pandemic fashion became a thing ranging from tricked out mouth/nose masks and coverings, to full face shields - appearing everywhere from music videos to quarantine TikTok's. A little pandemic could never stop fashion, of course. 😉

The tech sector was undefeated this year with Zoom (video conf), Tesla (space missions), Microsoft (remote work), Amazon (acquisitions), Bitcoin and others who all had a historical year financially. Tech also had a groundbreaking in the venture capital (VC) sector by raising more funds and accelerating more minority owned businesses than anyone thought was possible - especially during a pandemic.

In 2021, I will be highlighting all of this and more. You can look forward to more visuals, more data and more creative content.

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Written by: @notastyles on IG

Photography: No IG Lexi

Styling: @iammalibu2.0 on IG


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