BeGreatTV: Courses For Us By Us!

BeGreatTV is a digital course platform with a goal to provide learning and exposure of real industry careers, taught and led by the African American and minority individuals who actually work in those fields. The Executive Chairman of BeGreatTV Cortney Woodruff states “....there’s nothing that really exists that gives you a glossary of every business vertical and where you see a representation at every level in a well put together way.”

This platform hosts a core team of 15 including Cortez Bryant and Jesse Williams. BeGreatTV has also pulled in investments from Arlan Hamilton and Tiffany Haddish.

As well as has instructor commitments from industry giants such as make up artist Sir John (pictured above) and fashion connoisseur Law Roach.

The business model will be fee per course basis with intentions on eventually offering an all access subscription. I think this is a really viable idea and can not wait for it to launch.

Image credit: BeGreatTV


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