Forum: Dangers of Lead In Homes and Water Moderator Dr. Caine

There is an exciting and informative forum planned to discuss potential exposure to lead in the home and water, taking place on February 25, 2021 from 6-8 PM and you should attend. If you do not know why you should attend, well you should attend. And if you are aware of the importance of this information then you do not have to be convinced. From my POV, lead is a silent killer, with gradual deadly effects and more attention should be paid to preventing the exposure to it and the ways and means to identifying whether or not you've been exposed. Environmental protections should be discussed way more often. There is also another side to this in regards to how legislation and federal and local governments effect whether or not environmental issues are discovered, discussed, monitored for compliance and corrected in the first place.

For more details on this forum feel free to check out the Indianapolis Recorder article and register for the event by using the link above.

Image source: Indianapolis Recorder


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