Square Positioned To Buy TIDAL!

It is March 4, 2021 around 9:10 AM. I am working (remotely) and adding hazelnut cream to my Columbian caramel one-cup brewed coffee. As I am swiping through my Twitter feed I notice that Jay-Z is being retweeted. 

Jay-Z (TIDAL) and Jack Dorsey (SQ) have agreed on the sell of a majority stake of TIDAL to Square. TIDAL will operate independently as Cash App and Square does. The deal is likely to be executed for a mix of cash and stocks in the tune of some $297 million. Jay-Z will also join Square’s Board of Directors subject to T’s and C’s of the deal.
The two entities have plans to leverage this partnership into offering more musicians, artists and creatives resources and tools allowing them to take the selling, marketing and capitalization of their businesses into their own hands.

I look forward to seeing what this partnership will bring.

Photography: Not my own


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