No Soul Cap for Olympic Swimmers for Tokyo 2020!

Soul Cap is a swim cap company for voluminous hair. The company was started by Michael and Toks (two best friends) in the UK, when the two noticed a lady at the pool struggling to put a swimming cap on a top of her afro styled hair. That is the moment the two began to ask why doesn’t this woman have a product for her hair type? Is there a product for her hair type? Fast forward four year and Soul Cap is now being used by swimmers all over the world.

A short list of Soul Cap wearers include Alice Dearing, the upcoming Tokyo Olympic qualified Great Britain swimmer. 

This post should be about another business entering a market and becoming successful, instead I feel the need to mention that Soul Cap applied for approval to be used in the Olympic Games and was denied by FINA. 

FINA is the international federation recognized by the International Olympics Committee for administering international competitions in water sports. Since the denial FINA has released a statement that they are reviewing the decision, yet initially the denial was due to a perceived aqua-dynamic advantage that wearing the swim cap may provide. 🤔

I hope FINA collects or requests some actual data to support the decision but until then swimmers keep wearing your Soul Caps in the water for all non-Olympic purposes.

Photo Credits: @soulcapofficial on IG


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