Notable Styles and More Quarter 3 Report!!

Hi Notable Stylistas and Stylistos!! Nicole here, creator and chief editor - but enough of all that. Here is a brief summary of highlights from Quarter 3 2021.

The pandemic kept everyone on their toes but at least they opened up the outside. By the end of Q3, everyone had been to at least one concert, an outdoor event, party, soirée or art gallery showing and most of us appreciated it! 😊.

No one will forget that Child Tax Credits started going into accounts in June/July and unfortunately some people did not get theirs on time the first or second months 👀!

Big moves in tech: NFTs made a breakout and began to circulate more within pop culture. Several celebrities sold NFTs for the first time with Doja Cat breaking Jay-Z’s record for the costliest NFT sold to date. Dogecoin is making noise in crypto and as recently as this week the cost has increased to a $.25. Better get you some! 🚨Quick Tip: Research how to buy a home with Bitcoin, feel free to thank me later.

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