Notable Styles and More Report Quarter 1 2022!

Hola Notable Stylistas and Stylistos!​! Nicole here! January, February, and March are things of the past. April is now the star which means 1 quarter down and 3 more to go. Continue reading for my POV of Quarter 1 2022.

Three Words
Ketanji Brown Jackson - The First Black Female Judge to serve on the SCOTUS! Congratulations to Judge Brown Jackson and her family! 🎉 This is a win for us! For black women. She is an example for our daughters, sons, and the entire community to receive inspiration from. Thank you Mrs. Brown Jackson for persevering even when the road ahead was not easy. Thank you for being faithful.

Fashion, Style, and Tech
In fashion and style I have noticed a resurgence of 90's fashion with a modern twist and I'm here for it! Not only is there a resurgence in fashion but in culture as a whole. New song mashups are popping up with current and older songs mixed. Old dances are showing up all over TikTok too. This is America 2022.

Bored Ape Yacht Club dropped an Ape Coin in March and will be building its own BAYC ecosystem in the metaverse. I'm waiting for the day when our friends can transform actual physical items into digital just for the sake of transmission. But that may be too futuristic.

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