Notable Styles and More Report Quarter 2 2022!

Hola y'all! Notable Stylistas and Stylistos!! Nicole here! April, May, and June are finito! If you didn't do it, in either of the earlier months, you might want to shoot for July. 2 quarters of 22 down and $.50 more of the year to go. My take on Quarter 2 of 2022 is below!


Unfortunately, I mainly recall tragic moments from Q2. Starting with shootings. Grocery store shootings, school shootings, and all - all across the nation. RICO charges swept through affecting the hip hop and rap communities. Leaving a hint, of at least two more indictments before the end of summer. Gas prices surged to record highs. And, the SCOTUS, voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. Subsequently ending abortion rights in various states, and making it a summer legislative topic in others. At this point, I believe Q3, can only improve from here.

Fashion, Style, and Tech

90's fashion and style are continuing their run across all of the socials especially TikTok. I'd say this aesthetic is most popular with the 15-25 year olds. From my experience the pre-teens, and private school kiddos are leaning in toward the #preppy aesthetic.

Crypto currency has proven to be volatile as Bitcoin has slipped over the past three months from the high $40K range down to about $22k - $25K per coin (at time of reporting).

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