Notable Styles and More Quarter 4 Report!

Hello, hello, hello notable ones!! Nicole, a/k/a Malibu is here and dropping a Q4 report. Q4 was a doozy as were the previous quarters of 2022, but is anyone surprised? It was SBF, Southwest Airlines cancellations, the ending of a queen’s reign, and massive layoffs for me. But I digress. Let’s ready, set, aim into 2023 and try to forget the rest of it.


Most of the activity we witnessed over the last three months of the Gregorian calendar 🗓️ year were efforts that can be attributed to preparing for 2023. How were individuals, businesses, and institutions doing this? They were doing so by balancing finances, reducing employment costs, resetting of authority, ending contracts that no longer have value, meeting end of the year professional metrics and so on.

Fashion, Style, and Tech

Black designers and fashion stylists are continuing to elevate and innovate, maintaining the industries interest in looking toward them for ideas and inspiration. As, the market slowed at the end of 2022 Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Bitcoin, and other  tech stocks showed losses when compared to 2021 EOY.


Minority progress in the areas of workforce, business development, and DEI have made strides but still have a ways to go. ✌🏾2022!

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