Notable Styles and More 2021 Quarter 1 Report!

Hi! Nicole here, the creator and chief editor behind Notable Styles and More. I am here to present quick summary of highlights from Quarter 1 2021.

January came in strong as Gorilla Glue girl began to share her struggles on why and how she used Gorilla Glue in her hair 🤔. My thoughts are that she intended to use Gorilla snot, but - who knows? All’s well that ends well and she finally had the glue removed by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

The 2021 Inauguration of President Biden and first African American and woman Vice President Kamala Harris was a big fashion moment. Visit the site for images.

Big moves in tech were: Local organization Be Nimble and its moves to make an impact in the Indianapolis tech space. Verzuz sold a portion of its business to Triller. TIDAL sold a majority stake to Square. And Bitcoin will now be accepted for Tesla purchases.

In progress news, Kim Janey made history as first black and female mayor of Boston, Massachusetts.

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