Notable Styles and More Quarter 2 Report!

Hi! Nicole here, the creator and chief editor behind Notable Styles and More. I am here to present a brief summary of highlights from Quarter 2 2021.

April 9, 2021 we lost a giant of the rap industry. Earl Simmons (DM❌) the hip hop legend died of a heart attack at the age of 50. His legacy will live on. His posthumous album Exodus was released June 1 and it represented his signature sound in every way.

By May of 2021 half of all U.S. adults received their vaccination. The country began to slowly re-open in June. Concerts, restaurants, fashion shows (Resort 22) and award shows (Grammy’s, BET Awards) have reconvened.

Big moves in tech were: Sixty8 Capital became the first black woman led VC firm in Indiana.  Coinbase, the go to app to trade cryptocurrency went public on NASDAQ. Tesla stopped accepting Bitcoin for purchases. 📉

In progress news, Tokyo Olympics '22 has become THE platform for Black women to display excellence despite any roadblocks in their way. No weapon .......

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